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reaca Ní pearl (they/them)

I love connection. Life is all about connection. 

Healing is all about connection. 

I love connecting to people, helping people connect to each other and – above all – helping people connect to themselves.

Alice (she/her), my constant companion, is a nationally certified therapy dog with aims to become certified for PTSD some day. She joined us during the global lock down of 2020 and so by circumstance has become more of a family therapy dog than professional. Though she loves her pack, consisting of 2 adults and 4 kiddos, her favorite spot is cozied up in my virtual office on her very own psychotherapy couch. 

A photo of a grassy green valley, large mountains are in the back. In the foreground, a non-binary human clothed in a hat and sunglasses crouches with their hand on their cheek. A backpack rests at their feet.
A non-binary human wearing a hat, sunglasses, 2 shoulder length braids, and a tank top takes a selfie on a rocky beach. Forest in the background.
A golden doodle with curly red hair, stands on rocks with her tongue out. Behind the dog, a non-binary human stands on rocks wearing a hat and sunglasses. The have their mouth in an open-mouthed smile and a full sleeve of tattoos can be seen under their tank top. Two small children can barely be seen sitting down in the background.
A selfie of a red goldendoodle and a smiling non-binary human in front of a river, green grass and mountains. The human looks directly at the camera and wears a blue bandana on their head.
White Structure

Healing as Activism

reaca (they/them/theirs) is a non-binary trauma therapist with a dedication to helping folx connect to the truest version of themselves.


Offering telehealth since 2016, their practice is now entirely virtual allowing for greater accessibility for historically excluded clients and a personal reduction in their carbon footprint.


Healing from trauma takes place within the context of society, culture & environment. With the right fit and a focus on connection, therapy can help you resolve trauma and attachment wounds; manage chronic mental health conditions such as depression, PTSD, and C-PTSD; navigate the chronic stress and trauma caused by systemic oppression; and find a way to embody joy in a world that often feels unwelcoming to those of us who exist outside of colonialist boxes.


Healing Through Connection is committed to anti-racism as an emergent lifelong processing journey that centers action and change. We recognize, as Resmaa Menakem teaches, that white body supremacy is the sea within which we're all swimming; enabling and perpetuating ableism, ciscentrism, sexism, heterosexism and the 'power over' dynamics which cause so much suffering.


The only way out is through.

Leaf Pattern Design


(aka a non-exhaustive list of some stuff I’ve done)

(aka continuing education and credentials list required by state licensure regulations)

licensure & education

  • LPC State of NJ License Number 37PC00904900

  • LIMHP State of NE License Number 3064

  • LPC State of MI License Number 6401222452

  • LPC State of CO License Number 6123

  • M.A. Naropa University Transpersonal Counseling Psychology

  • B.A. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Theatre


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist (ASDCS)

  • Professional Counseling Certificate State of NE

  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate, The Embody Lab

  • 40-hour Yoga Nidra Certification, My Vinyasa

  • 200 RYT, Yoga Alliance

  • Colorado School of Family Therapy, Sex Therapy Certificate

  • Life Purpose Coaching Certificate

  • Certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and Teacher

  • EMDR I & EMDR II, EMDR Institute

continuing education

Current / Ongoing​

Link to full hours & coursework 2021-2023 (coming soon)

  • CSU Green School Extension, in progress

  • ECHO Colorado sessions Transgender Health: Comprehensive Approaches in Primary Care, 2022-present

  • The Galap Pledge

  • Member of COMBINE


  • ECHO Colorado sessions Comprehensive Approaches in Primary Care: Menopause, 2022

  • Human Trafficking CE required by state of Michigan



  • Inner Power Yoga Teacher Training – 200hr

  • Life Purpose Coaching Certificate, Transformations, Inc.

  • Trans-Youth Education Support – Founding Member

  • Participant, Chicago launch session for WPATH’s Global Education Institute Best Practices in Transgender Medical and Mental Health Care

  • Module 1, Somatic Experiencing

Before 2008

  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET) Training

  • 40-hour clinical intern training, RAAP Denver

  • 40-hour rape crisis hotline training, RAAP Denver

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Training 

  • 40-hour rape crisis & SANE advocate training, MESA Boulder

  • 40-hour online rape crisis training, RAINN USA

  • Group Facilitation Certification, Milwaukee WI

  • 40+ hour volunteer (intake intern, case management, group leader, etc) The Healing Center, Milwaukee WI

The purple circle logo with a lotus flower on the bottom; text in the middle reads Client Portal
The purple circle logo with a lotus flower on the bottom; text in the middle reads Request Waitlist


PO Box 181

Black Hawk, CO 80422




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