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Given my therapeutic and activism specialty areas I often receive what I call “what about” questions regarding:

  • transgender affirming care

  • surviving sexual assault, and

  • Autistic adults and other neurodiversity.

If I could answer each question individually and allay all of your fears with credible sources I would.  But since that's not realistic, I decided to create a few easy-to-access lists that will help you access credible sources on these subject matters. 

If you prefer to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me to assess your specific needs or questions, please reach out directly via


Consults lasting longer than 15 minutes will be charged via the fee schedule, $205 per 55-minute hour. 




These resource lists are provided for your reference only. Use of any of these reference materials shouldn't replace a relationship with a qualified mental health professional. 

As the resources listed are independent from Healing Through Connection, HTC and associated individuals are not and can not be held responsible for their content.

Resource lists are updated annually. Please contact the resource itself for questions about their programs/content. 

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Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Assault, Incest

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Autism & Neurodiversity
Affirming Resources

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